What Would Make Glenn Beck Vote for a Democrat?

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What Would Make Glenn Beck Vote for a Democrat? - Citizen Slant
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Donald Trump has caused many Republicans and conservatives to ‘put country ahead of party,’ but what about the hardline TV and radio personalities?

By any measure, Glenn Beck has been a staunch conservative loyally advocating conservative principles for a number of years.

In this presidential election race, he was a strong supporter for Senator Ted Cruz. While many may not like Cruz, it is indisputable that he is on the right side of the Republican Party.

Beck, for the first time, admitted that he has considered voting for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, is “so unstable, so dangerous,” though he still claimed that he cannot get himself to actually go through with a thumbs up on Clinton.

“I can’t do it because she’s just — she’s just a horse of a different color,” according to Beck. “They’re both bad. I think under Hillary Clinton, the nation — most likely — can become just run by oligarchs. I think under Donald Trump, he’s so unstable, I wouldn’t put anything past him. I don’t know what our party looks like.”

Beck claims that he is going to be voting for Darrell Castle, an attorney from Memphis, the Constitution Party’s nominee. However, many believe that even the suggestion that he has considered Clinton means that he is, in all likelihood, voting for Clinton, especially when the alternative is a protest vote.

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