Marco Rubio: People Get ‘Rude and Stupid’ at Town Halls

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Marco Rubio - CitizenSlant
Photo: Reuters

When Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was confronted by one of his constituents about why he wasn’t holding a town hall, Rubio responded fairly candidly.

He explained to the man,

“I don’t know man, because town halls, people get rude and stupid ― on both sides.”

A video of the encounter with Rubio was tweeted by an organizer for the Florida chapter of the Service Employees International Union, which can be seen above. The video was recorded in a lecture hall at Florida International University where Rubio is currently teaching a class.

Rubio is one of several congressional Republicans that are facing very angry constituents — many of whom are disgruntled that the Republicans are working with U.S. President Donald Trump to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. However, instead of finding themselves at the receiving end of this anger, many Republicans have decided to not hold any public forums during their recess from Washington.

Despite Rubio’s avoidance, his constituents held a town hall on his behalf last Thursday night. Instead of the senator, there was simply an empty suit standing in. In a symbolic gesture, one woman reportedly pleaded with the suit not to repeal the ACA, saying that it would leave her uninsured and unable to afford her medication.

“I’ve heard the people. I ran for office. I told everybody I was against Obamacare. I told everybody I was in favor of the things I was in favor of. I’m gonna do what I told people I was going to do,” Rubio said.

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