Martin O’Malley ‘Taking a Hard Look’ at Leading the Democratic Party

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Martin O'Malley 'Taking a Hard Look' at Leading the Democratic Party - Citizen Slant
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Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is the latest Democratic leader to throw his name in the hat as a possible leader of the Democratic National Committee.

After Tuesday’s stunning defeat, the Democrats are in search of answers, and it is increasingly evident that answers will only come under new leadership.

The liberal wing of the party, led by Senator Elizabeth Warren, seem to be leaning toward Minnesota’s Congressman Keith Ellison. Senators Chuck Schumer (NY) and Bernie Sanders (VT) have expressed their support for Ellison as well. The trio, on their own, carry a lot of weight inside the party, automatically making Ellison one of the early frontrunners.

O’Malley had heavily criticized the DNC leadership during his White House run over the past year. He said that he had been approached by a number of Democrats to run for the leadership position.

“I’m taking a hard look at DNC chair because I know how badly we need to reform our nominating process, articulate a bold progressive vision, recommit ourselves to higher wages and a stronger middle class, and return to our roots as a nationwide, grassroots party.”

The two term Maryland governor was rumored to be a potential candidate for the job earlier this year, but the idea seems to have faded once the primaries grew more intense and O’Malley began openly criticizing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Like his other rival in the primaries, Bernie Sanders, O’Malley criticized DNC officials of helping Mrs. Clinton secure the nomination. However, considering her shocking defeat, and the trove of leaked DNC emails, the dynamic has changed.

The position is among the most powerful in the party, especially when it is the loser in the presidential race, as the chair of the party plays a key role in messaging and organizing for the next election.

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean who was DNC chair from 2005 through 2009 has also announced his candidacy for the job.

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