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Why Can’t the Media Call Brock Turner What He is?

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brock turner - citizen slant
Photo: Reuters

As ex-Stanford swimmer and rapist Brock Turner walks free after serving 3 months of a 6 month sentence for raping a woman, the media seems to have refused to call him what he is.

Brock Turner is a rapist. However, it seems that many media outlets prefer to refer to him simply as “Stanford swimmer” or “ex-Stanford swimmer” — as if, for whatever reason, news coverage of his release shouldn’t be centered on the crime he committed.

Instead, they have chosen to focus their efforts on the prestigious titles that he held prior to his conviction — no doubt yet another perk of his white privilege.

As if both the crime and the sentence he received weren’t heinous enough, Turner is now referred to as anything besides what he truly is. At the very least, this is injustice at it’s finest.


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