Melania Trump Promises to Fight Cyberbullying; Really?

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Melania Trump Condemns Husband's 'Words' but Still Wants Your Vote - Citizen Slant

In her first speech since the Republican National Convention, Melania Trump promised that if her husband is elected president, she will focus on fighting cyberbullying.

Perhaps the Trump Campaign should have helped Melania pick another project because this one just does not pass the laugh test when it comes to anyone with the name Trump.

Setting aside his daily attacks against Hillary Clinton, Trump has attacked and insulted so many people, places and things that the New York Times decided to keep a tally. The is stunningly long and diverse.

Our Vice President, Joe Biden, is “not very bright.”

Our President is “perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States.”

Judge Curial Gonzalez, the judge overseeing the Trump University fraud case who has never spoken a word publically to or about Mr. Trump is “very biased and unfair.”

And the insults and cyberbullying go on and on and on. Donald Trump is perhaps the biggest bully in cyberspace, and if he is every elected president, he will be our cyberbully in chief.

And frankly, if Mrs. Trump cannot control her own husband’s cyberbullying, how is she supposed to stop it when it comes to the entire internet.

In the words that President Obama has been using recently, ‘C’mon man!’


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