Michele Bachmann Advises Trump on More Than Just Evangelical Matters

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As the Republican Party leaders readily admit, Donald Trump is a different kind of candidate. That he is. He has an Evangelical Advisory Board, which by its terms, is a constitutional challenge.

Highlighting the constitutional challenges, one of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board members is now claiming that she is advising Trump on foreign policy matters.

Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann has claimed that President Barack Obama’s foreign policy would lead to the rapture. She also claims that she is advising the Republican nominee on foreign policy.

Speaking to reporters outside a private fundraiser in Minneapolis on Friday, Bachmann, the 2012 GOP presidential hopeful and tea party stalwart, told reporters that she has known Trump for several years and supports his proposed crack down on immigrants and terrorism.

Speaking to Minnesota Public Radio. Bachmann said:

“He also recognizes there is a threat around the world, not just here in Minnesota, of radical Islam … I wish our President Obama also understood the threat of radical Islam and took it seriously.”

According to Huffington Post, “last month, she warned that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would create ‘certain destruction’ and ‘catastrophic decline’ if elected president. She also celebrated Trump for his ‘1950s sensibilities’ and ‘1950s common sense,’ and argued that because he ‘gets and understands religious liberty,’ people of all faiths will be allowed to say ‘Merry Christmas’ during a Trump presidency.”

Donald Trump continues to demonstrate that not only is he unprepared and uninformed, but that he is disinterested in developing the knowledge and tools that he needs to become our Commander in Chief.

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