[VIDEO] FLOTUS Michelle Obama to Appear on Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Show with James Corden will showcase a Carpool Karaoke segment featuring FLOTUS herself, Michelle Obama, on Wednesday.

FLOTUS’ appearance on the show was announced back in June via Snapchat. However, since then, the trailer has been released and the internet is losing it.

The teaser has left many in intense anticipation of what the full segment will show. The trailer, which is just over a minute, shows Michelle Obama singing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” with all of the hand motions.

In the clip, Obama says,

“I’ve been in a car, maybe it was months ago, with my daughter who learned to drive. That was the only time in seven and a half years that I’ve been in a passenger seat, listening to music rocking out like this.”


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