NJ GOP Candidate’s Disgraceful Comment to Daily Beast Reporter

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mike krawitz - citizen slant
Photo: Facebook

New Jersey GOP candidate Mike Krawitz has been harassing Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi on Facebook for some time now, but he doesn’t want to claim his most recent comment.

Krawitz, candidate for a small-time position in New Jersey, told Nuzzi that he hoped she would get “raped by a Syrian refugee” on her Facebook page.

However, Krawitz is now claiming that he was “hacked” and it wasn’t actually him that posted the comment to Nuzzi’s public Facebook page. All signs point to Krawitz being responsible — especially since he has been leaving insulting comments on Nuzzi’s Facebook page since 2014.

The comments sections of Nuzzi’s Facebook posts are often laden with conservative conspiracies and threats. In the sea of ridiculous comments, comments like Krawitz’s are essentially the norm.

mike krawitz - citizen slant

Photo: Jezebel

According to Philly.com,

Reached by phone Monday, Krawitz said he has been an ardent Trump supporter since the 1980s and does post or shares articles on Facebook favoring the Republican presidential candidate. But he denied commenting on Nuzzi’s recent post.

The Daily Beast, he said, “is a Democratic organization, I don’t even follow that stuff. I don’t go on those websites.”

Krawitz suggested his political opponents may have hacked his account.

“Could be anybody in this township or the Democratic party. When you’re running for township committee in Jersey, these people do anything to try to smear you,” he said.

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