Mike Pence’s Plane Skids Off Runway While Landing at LaGuardia Airport

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Mike Pence's Plane Skids Off Runway While Landing at LaGuardia Airport - Citizen Slant
Photo: Guardian

The airplane carrying Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence slid off the runway on Thursday night as it was landing at LaGuardia Airport in New York City’s Queens borough.

“Due to a plane skidding off the runway, #LaGuardia is currently closed until further notice. Check with your airline for additional info,” New York City’s official emergency notification system tweeted.

There were no injuries reported. Mike Pence and the rest of the passengers were evacuated through the back of the plane.

The Boeing 737 skidded completely off of the runway into a grassy area after making a rough impact when it landed. The AP reported that the pilot slammed on the brakes and passengers could smell burning rubber as the plane fishtailed.

According to a CNN reporter, Governor Pence went back to check on everyone on the plane and said there was mud on the plane’s windows.

Reporters on the plane tweeted regarding the incident and stating that everyone onboard is safe.



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Plane slid off runway along with his Vice Presidentry.


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