“Morning Joe”: ‘Unbelievable’ that Kellyanne Conway Works in White House

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During “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski took yet another jab at Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, calling her “kooky,” and wondering how she still has a job at the White House.

While airing a clip of the Trump adviser saying that Americans could be surveilled through their microwaves, the hosts contrasted her statement with CIA director Mike Pompeo stating it was ridiculous at a press conference on Thursday.

On Thursday, Pompeo stated, “CIA officers like myself have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution. They’ve signed secrecy agreements, they quietly go about their work and try not to get too worked up over the headlines including the fanciful notion that they spy on their fellow citizens via microwave ovens.”

The MSNBC co-host looked visibly disgusted while stating, “that was the CIA director, seemingly throwing shade at Kellyanne Conway who made that ridiculous and stupid statement.”

She continued, “you know it’s unbelievable that she works at the White House,” and later called Conway, “Kooky.”

Watch the clip here:

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