MUST SEE: Morning Joe’s Message for the GOP: Trump is a Threat to National Security

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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” had a very clear message for members of the GOP: acknowledge that U.S. President Donald Trump, himself, is a threat to national security.

Co-host Joe Scarborough focused on Trump’s blurting out of classified information to Russian officials.

The opening segment of the show ran for just about 30 minutes with no commercial interruptions and offered a challenge to Republicans to hold the president accountable for his actions.

Scarborough explained,

“It’s not enough for (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell and conservative talk show hosts to simply attack the ‘lamestream’ media or (House Minority Leader) Nancy Pelosi. Americans will not buy that. That’s a cowardly act, and it’s intended to hold onto as much of the audience that they can hold onto without embracing Trump.”

He continued,

“At this point, if you do not call him out for risking American lives and doing things that most intel people I spoke with last night said will lead to the death of Americans in the future or lead to the death of critical allies in this counterinsurgency battle against ISIS, then you are doing a grave disservice to your voters or to your listeners or to the United States of America.There is no middle ground here anymore — there just isn’t. This is about national security in the United States of America.”

Scarborough then shifted to panelist David Ignatius and asked him to explain to the show’s viewers why the most recent news about Trump may very well be the most dangerous thing he’s done thus far, to which Ignatius bluntly responded, “these are the secrets that keep us alive.”

The Washington Post columnist continued to explain that presidents are trusted with the most secret information and they have to be very careful with that:

“We’re watching an inexperienced, undisciplined person deal with this very sensitive material. This is why we have talking points, why presidents have protocols for what they say and don’t say when they meet with foreign leaders.”

Ignatius also urged President Trump to actually learn from this experience and begin to treat sensitive information as it should be treated. However, Scarborough was stern in reminding him that Trump’s actions could have grave consequences.

He explained, “here’s the problem, the arc of this narrative keeps getting worse. People on the inside say he keeps getting worse, mentally keeps getting worse. This is not, unfortunately, a learning curve — this is a man in decline.”

Watch the clip here:

MUST SEE: Morning Joe’s Message for the GOP… by CitizenSlant

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