This Nebraska Senator Was Called to Resign Over a Shocking Scandal

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Bill Kintner - citizen slant

Nebraska Senator, Bill Kintner (R), is under fire for a cyber-sex scandal that took place over a year ago, but has recently publicly surfaced.

The Lincoln Journal-Star first reported the story. Kintner met a woman on Facebook who persuaded him to masturbate with her on Skype. At first he showed some reluctance to the idea.

“I just can’t do this,” he told her, the paper reports. “It would break my wife’s heart if she knew I did this.”

Seven hours later, however, he gave in. As he was in a conference in Boston, he used his work computer to Skype her. Afterwards, she threatened to post the video on YouTube and share it with his Facebook friends if he didn’t wire $4,500 dollars to an account on the Ivory Coast. She claimed the funds would benefit a deaf child there. State Investigators later traced the computer to a “crime syndicate” in the Ivory Coast that uses Russian computers.

On Monday, the Legislature’s executive board voted unanimously to send Kintner a letter from the ten-member committee requesting his resignation by Friday, or additional action could be taken against him.  He has already been fined $1000 dollars for misuse of government property by the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

Speaker of the Legislature Galen Hadley, who suggested the letter, said it would represent a unified request by a panel of lawmakers of diverse backgrounds and political parties. Hadley also said that he hopes the letter prompts Kintner to resign so that lawmakers are not required to take additional action.

The Governor of Nebraska, Pete Rickets, has also called for Kintner’s resignation.

“Due to the ongoing investigation of this issue, I have been unable to say anything publicly,” the governor said in a statement. “If the allegations are true, Senator Kintner needs to resign.”

The Governor’s staff may have known for as long as a year now about the video, according to the Omaha World-Herald. Senator Bob Krist, chairman of the Legislature’s Executive Committee, said he alerted Ricketts’ chief of staff, Matt Miltenberger, last year about a sexual video involving Kintner. He felt like it was important for the executive branch to know about the video because Lauren Kintner, Senator Kintner’s wife, leads Rickets’ policy research office.

The Kintners have been married for seven years. Not long after Senator Kintner returned from Boston, his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite this, he was able to fulfill her duties throughout the legislative session.

While saying he would not rule out the resignation, Kintner said he plans to make a decision after talking and praying with his wife. “We’ll try to come up with what we think is the right thing to do,” he said.


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