Willie Nelson Inks Trump-Inspired Song for New Album

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Willie Nelson and Donald Trump - CitizenSlant
Photo: Rolling Stone

Legendary country singer Willie Nelson has revealed in an interview that he has written a song for his upcoming album which was inspired by the President-elect.

The song, entitled “Delete and Fast-Forward,” will be featured on Nelson’s new LP “God’s Problem Child,” which is set to be released in April.

When asked about the song by ‘Rolling Stone,’ he cited some of the lyrics: “Delete and fast-forward, my friend/ The elections are over and nobody wins/ But don’t worry too much, you’ll go crazy again/ Delete and fast forward, my friend.”

Nelson is apparently unconcerned about the Trump administration tightening the regulation of marijuana. Nelson owns Willie’s Reserve, which is a company that legally sells marijuana in Colorado. “Who cares?” he says about changed to the law. “I didn’t have any problem finding it when it was illegal, and now that it’s legal, it’s still no problem. Making it illegal again won’t stop people from smoking. They should have learned that back in prohibition days.”

He also chuckled when he was asked about the marijuana-themed Christmas sweater that Snoop Dogg sent him for the holidays. “It’s great; it’s a funny sweater,” he said.

During the campaign, Nelson first supported Bernie Sanders and then, Hillary Clinton for the general election.

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