Nevada Judge Throws Out First Trump Voter Fraud Suit

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Nevada Judge Throws Out First Trump Voter Fraud Suit - Citizen Slant

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has already begun his election litigation activities filing suit in Nevada’s Clarke County, alleging that an early voting place allowed voters who arrived after closing time.

Camp Trump alleged that people would not have been allowed to vote after the location closed on the final night of early voting. However, as is common practice, anyone who is in line before closing time is by law allowed to vote.

However, the GOP nominee claimed that there were voters who were not in line at closing time, but who were allowed to cast their ballot.

The Campaign asked for all voting machines and ballots involved in the disagreement to be set aside and not counted initially. Though this is not an unusual request in voting cases — basically, setting aside the disputed ballots to see if they make a difference after all other votes are counted — during the morning hearing, Clarke County judge Gloria Sturman ripped into Trump’s lawyers and threw out their lawsuit.

The judge was not having any of it. She said “I’m not going to issue any order. I’m just not going to do it.”

The location, which is 30 percent Latino, was being challenged by Trump, which the nominee claimed was part of a “rigged system.” A spokesperson for the County, Dan Kulin told NBC News “Nothing happened that wasn’t supposed to happen. Voters who were in line by the scheduled closing time were allowed to vote.”

The Trump campaign also wanted the identity of the poll workers revealed. The judge angrily said:

“What are you saying? Why are you here? You want to preserve the poll data? That is offensive to me. Why don’t we wait to see if the secretary of state wants to do this? I’m not going to expose people doing their civic duty helping their fellow citizens vote, that they are taking their personal time to preserve … to the public attention, ridicule, and harassment.”

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