For #NeverHillary, a case for Hillary

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Now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the democrats, the party is largely unifying behind her. There are still those Sanders supporters who are part of the #NeverHillary Hillary crowd, vowing that, in the absence of Sanders, they will not vote for Clinton. Though they all may not necessarily believe this for the same reasons, they are still united under that umbrella. 

They stand firm not just behind Sanders, but even if he is not their nominee, behind the political revolution which Sanders promised. They stand firm against Clinton because they believe she is too far to the right, too hawkish, too dishonest. They stand firm against Clinton because they do not believe that she will not push for the essentials of free education – through college – and free healthcare.

All things being equal, no one with a straight face can argue against a world where all citizens – no matter who they are – are guaranteed an education and healthcare. Few can honestly speak against a system where everyone truly gets the same vote, the same voice as anyone else, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. No one can make a credible case against inclusion and respect for everyone. That is perfection; that’s what we should and do strive to become as a society.

The hardline Sanders supporters are frustrated that their candidate, Sanders, was ultimately overcome by a candidate that they believe is so much a part of the establishment as to be the establishment itself.

And in that frustration, they echo some of the sentiments that so constantly flow from Republicans. They echo calls for indictments in the hopes that an indictment would depose Hillary and crown Bernie as the nominee. They have said that they will not vote or even vote for Trump.

First, we all must keep in mind that Bernie Sanders is not running a campaign for him; he is running a campaign for a political revolution. And all diehard Sanders supporters are excited about seeing that political revolution through. As Bernie Sanders himself has proclaimed, this movement does not end with an election and it does not get completed within an election cycle. They have defined the “perfect.” But, what is the definition of the “good” and “bad?”

In this election, there is Clinton on one side and Trump on the other. And then, there is the Republican Party, part grudgingly supporting the party nominee, part acknowledging that they cannot support Trump, regardless of whose nominee he is.

Trump just speaks. One day he is for something, one day he is against it. He claims he was for one position 10 years ago when, in fact, he was against it, only to be for it today, but only for today. He has demonstrated that he does not possess even a school grade knowledge of the facts let alone even that high an understanding of the issues, and potential solutions. The only place where he displays school grade level understanding is in his vocabulary and temperament.

He has never, in any portion of life, done anything that did not personally benefit him, and has done nothing unless it personally benefited him. With Trump, one can only speak in generalities, and adjectives, as there truly is no substance whatsoever. He talks about trade deals he wants to unravel without having any idea of how or the result; he talks about dealing with terrorists by violating international laws and committing war crimes – even acknowledging that he would; and his non-existent economic and tax policies have been almost unanimously condemned as beyond disastrous for our country.

President Obama has repeatedly said that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate – man or woman – who has ever run for the United States presidency. Like her or not, people from all sides of the aisle admit, Hillary Clinton’s experience and knowledge is second to none. But the President fails to mention another important truth. No one, in the history of U.S. politics, has been under the level of scrutiny for anywhere near as long as Hillary Clinton. She has been under presidential level scrutiny for over 25 years – ever since her husband began his run for the White House. And unlike all First Ladies and even presidents, she has remained at the very highest levels of government since she left the White House.

Every move and decision she has made and every finger she has lifted has been scrutinized beyond any human being in all of politics. And with the increasingly divided politics in our country, she has been the target of attacks like no other.

With that backdrop, it is important to consider a few things. To be fair to Donald Trump, let’s avoid substance. Hillary Clinton has been the only candidate to respect Bernie Sanders and acknowledge the political revolution that he has championed. Hillary Clinton has been the only candidate to actually set forth policies to walk our nation toward that ideal – toward the “perfect,” most recently, by rolling out her plan for free college tuition and universal healthcare. The political revolution has spoken, and Hillary has responded – for real.

It’s not the “perfect,” but it’s the “ good.” Not only that, but it sets us on a path to the “perfect.” Remember, Bernie, himself, has said that the “perfect” cannot be done in an election or even an election cycle. Bernie clearly has Hillary’s ear; the political revolution clearly has Hillary’s ear.

For all of those diehard Bernie supporters; for all those diehard political revolution supporters, let’s not let the “perfect” be the enemy of the “good.”



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