New York Attorney General Launches Investigation into Trump Foundation

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New York Attorney General Launches Investigation into Trump Foundation - citizen slant

Donald Trump’s charitable foundation, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, has been the subject of increasing scrutiny by the media as investigations into its dealings turn up questionable practices.

Reports have now surfaced that New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman opened an investigation into the foundation. This comes in the heels of the latest expose by the Washington Post which, among other things, has revealed that Mr. Trump has not contributed any money to the foundation since 2008 and has been merely distributing money given to him by third parties.

The foundation apparently has no employees and has as executives Trump and his children who reportedly do not receive any pay for the work they perform on the foundation.

The media has been increasingly pressuring Mr. Trump regarding misreporting a number of donations and using its money in a questionable fashion.

On Tuesday, Mr. Schneiderman reportedly confirmed to CNN’s “The Lead” that he, in his role “as regulator of nonprofits in New York state,” has launched an investigation into the Trump Foundation. Schneiderman stated that:

“we have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety from that point of view … We’ve inquired into it and we’ve had correspondence with them. I didn’t make a bid deal out of it or hold a press conference. We have been looking into the Trump Foundation to make sure it’s complying with the laws governing charities in New York.”

According to Politico, “a source familiar with the matter” confirmed that the New York AG “has opened an inquiry into the Trump Foundation based on troubling transactions that have recently come to light.”

Eric Schneiderman is already pursuing a fraud case against Mr. Trump based on his now defunct Trump University. He has repeatedly called the venture a “fraud from top to bottom.” Last week, Yahoo News reported that Mr. Trump’s nonprofit had donated $100,000 to a group that was suing Mr. Schneiderman which he was investigating Trump University.

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