WATCH: Newt Gingrich Explosive Interview Claiming Election Rigging

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WATCH: Newt Gingrich Explosive Interview Claiming Election Rigging - Citizen Slant

For a number of years, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has tried to stir the pot of political controversy as often as he can, mostly through his work on Fox News, but as the Trump campaign picked up steam, he has been a frequent guest on mainstream media outlet as a staunch supporter of the Republican presidential nominee.

On Sunday, he appeared on ABC News with Martha Raddatz trying to support the newly revamped claim by Trump that should he lose, it will because the election was rigged, a charge which even his own party leaders have refuted.

Trump last made this claim in August when his poll numbers had tanked after his spat with a Gold Star family after the Democratic National Convention. In fact, it has been a go-to claim by the nominee whenever his ‘numbers’ are dropping.

It is no surprise that he has once again resorted to this claim now when less than a month before the election, he has suffered two decisive defeats at the two presidential debates that have taken place so far, and most notably, his campaign has been rocked by a leaked recording where he is heard and seen making extremely lewd comments, some of which would amount to an admission of sexual assault. Since the leaked recording, women have surfaced almost on a daily basis whose claims virtually mirror the acts that Trump admitted to committing.

On Sunday, Gingrich attempted to explain what is meant by Trump’s election rigging claim. He blamed the media for attempting to rig the election by one-sided coverage, which he claims is the worst he has seen in his lifetime.

The former Speaker also claimed that there was widespread voter fraud through intimidation, and votes cast on behalf of people who have passed away. But he continued to claim that the crux of Trump’s claim is really the bias of the mainstream media.

The interview appears to be in stark contrast to the claims made on Sunday by Rudy Giuliani another close top advisor to Trump who concentrated his attack less on the media and more on voter fraud.

Gingrich condemned the nominee’s attack on the women who have accused him, making his reference to his claim that there is a ‘Little Trump’ and a ‘Big Trump’ and that the ‘Little Trump’ is ‘stupid.’

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