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This Prominent District Attorney Appears on Anti-Vaccine Documentary

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nico lahood - citizen slant
Photo: Youtube

The great vaccine debate got yet another high-profile commentator last week.

Nico Lahood, District Attorney in Bexar County, Texas, joined the people responsible for the anti-vaccine documentary Vaxxed to film part of a series of testimonies from parents that believe their children were harmed as the result of receiving vaccines.

In an online preview posted August 26th, the elected official said,

“I’m here to tell you vaccines can and do cause autism.”

The anti-vaccination movement is inspired by gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, who lost his medical license after his study linking autism to the MMR vaccine was debunked.

Official reports claim vaccines do not cause autism, but Lahood accuses the government of “deception,” in regards to vaccine safety.

“I seek the truth,” said Lahood.

“I’m a prosecuter for a living. So I look for truth. I have to follow evidence wherever it leads me. So I took that same approach in looking at this issue.”

Lahood and his wife, Davida, claim their children were harmed by vaccines. They say their daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in infancy, which they believe was an allergic reaction to a vaccine. Then, at 18 months, their son developed “tics.” They believe that he developed autism after he received routine vaccinations.

Lahood told Polly Tommey, an associate of the Vaxxed filmmakers, that he has a friend who’s “on the bench for Merck- he’s a scientist, he was in clinical development,” and did not vaccinate his children.

“That says a lot, doesn’t it,” responded Tommey.

The San Antonio Current notes that Lahood’s feature comes when public health officials in Texas are warning school-aged children are vulnerable to preventable diseases, in response to the growing numbers of parents that do vaccinate their children for non-medical reasons.

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