Charlotte’s Absurd Excuse for not Releasing Video of Keith Scott Shooting

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The shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina just days after Terence Crutcher, a Tulsa man, was gunned down by Oklahoma police has sparked outrage and daily protests in Charlotte.

The police continue to withhold footage that they have of the incident. They claim that the reason for not releasing the footage is that they are concerned that the videos by themselves would present an incomplete picture of the incident. They also claim that there is concern that the video would taint witnesses’ memories and testimony.

Simply put, their reasoning is absurd. To begin with, there is plenty of information that has already been released either by citizens or by news media, not the least of which is the tape that was released by the victim’s wife, who recorded the confrontation — that recording does not show footage of the actual shooting, though the shooting can be heard.

Therefore, to the extent that there is concern with incomplete information or things being released in a vacuum, that is already happening. The tapes that the police have can only be a positive in clarifying and in the community at least believing that the government is being transparent and straight-forward with citizens.

What makes the reasoning of police and government officials even more absurd is that they, themselves, have been releasing information — incomplete information. Police Chief Kerr Putney, personally, has held news conferences where he has described what the police videos depict.

For Chief Putney to then claim that he is not releasing the tapes because he is concerned that they would cause confusion because they are incomplete in and of themselves, is the height of hypocricy.

Clearly, Chief Putney and the North Carolina government are solely interested in restricting access because they believe that the tapes that they have in their possession are damning. Regardless, their excuse does not pass the laugh test — it is simply absurd.

At this point, they must release the tapes in their possession.


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