Obama to Issa: ‘Now That’s the Definition of Chutzpah’

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On Sunday night, at a fundraiser in San Diego, President Barack Obama slammed Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) calling ‘shameless’ for his recent portrayal of himself as an ally of the Obama Administration.

In recent days, Democrats have made it rather obvious that they are not too concerned with the presidential race and that they want to win back some or all of the seats that were lost in Congress during the Obama presidency.

Obama spent much of his time at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser to blasting Issa, the longtime House Republican, who has overseen a number of oversight investigations of the Obama Administration, including ones focused on the Democratic presidential nominee.

The President was reacting to a Issa campaign mailer where he is touting his cooperation with the White House. The mailer has a photo of Obama signing legislation providing new federal legal protections to victims of sexual assault with Issa saying that he was ‘pleased’ that the president signed the law which he co-sponsored.

Obama said that “Issa’s primary contribution to the United States Congress has been to obstruct and to waste taxpayer dollars on trumped up investigations that have led nowhere. And this is now a guy who, because poll numbers are bad, has sent out brochures with my picture on them touting his cooperation on issues with me.”

“Now that’s the definition of chutzpah,” he said to the laughter of the crowd of supporters. Obama continued:

“Here’s a guy who called my administration perhaps the most corrupt in history despite the fact that actually we have not had a major scandal in my administration, that when Trump was suggesting that I wasn’t even born here, said, well, I don’t know, was not sure. We can pull up the quotes.”

Obama called out to Issa’s opponent, Democratic candidate Doug Applegate, a former Marine colonel, who was seated at one of the tables, and said “I think somebody called Darrell Issa — was this you, Doug? — that Darrell Issa was Trump before Trump.”

Significantly, the President referred to his close ally Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “soon to be speaker again of the House,” a bold statement in light of the fact that Democrats need to pick up 30 seats in order to take over the majority of the House, something that was considered impossible just a month ago.

Issa issued a statement on Monday saying “I’ve worked with the administration on good legislation where it was possible, called out wrongdoing wherever I saw it and will continue to do so.”

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