Obama Planning to Reemerge in ‘Delicate Dance’ with Democrats

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Former President Barack Obama is planning his reemergence on the national political scene this coming fall in what is expected to be a cautious manner, something that is not unusual for the former commander in chief.

One of Obama’s aides speaking anonymously describes the move like the beginning of a “delicate dance” that seeks to place the former President back in the Democratic political circle without making him the face of the party.

In the upcoming weeks, aides will discuss with Obama planning his fall schedule with advisers close to him saying that while he will be actively pressing to help his party, he will do so largely from behind the scenes.

Fundraising, something at which Obama is quite prolific, will be on his agenda. Since leaving office, he has actively raised for the Democratic National Committee and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Obama has displayed a particular interest in get out the vote efforts and also battling gerrymandering in congressional districts.

Politically, it is important for the former President to avoid playing a central role or being the face of the party. To begin with, he needs to assure that there is room for the slate of candidates who are going to be running in 2020. Additionally, Obama has to be careful so not to trigger a rise in energy with Trump voters, especially at a time when Trump’s popularity is tanking. It is likely advisable for Obama to make sure that he does not get in the way of the train wreck.

If Trump’s numbers continue to crater, and his legislative agenda does not get off the ground, look for Obama to delay his reemergence or at least continue to concentrate on working behind the scenes, especially in light of the fact that Hillary Clinton will be resurfacing, if for nothing else than to promote her book “What Happened” — to the dismay of Democrats.

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