WATCH: President Obama Speaking at Rally for Hillary Clinton in Miami

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WATCH: President Obama Speaking at Rally for Hillary Clinton in Miami - Citizen Slant

Less than 24 hours after the final debate between the two leading presidential candidates in Las Vegas, President Barack Obama was out in Miami Gardens, Florida, campaigning for his former Secretary of State.

The President has said that he is energized and excited to be out on the campaign trail for Clinton, and true to his word, he has been one of her top surrogates appearing in multiple rallies in battleground states in order to get out the vote, particularly among one of his core groups and one of Hillary’s weaknesses, millennials.

Campaign and motivational speeches are certainly one of the President’s strong suits and he did not disappoint the crowd as he spoke not just in support of the Democratic nominee, but also in support of Rep. Patrick Murphy who is running to unseat Marco Rubio.

Murphy was regarded optimistically by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) earlier this year when Rubio was making his presidential run and had vowed not to run for re-election to his senate seat. However, in the last couple of months, Murphy’s candidacy has increasingly looked like an uphill battle, so much so that earlier this week, the DSCC canceled its ad buys in Florida on his behalf.

Obama also slammed the Republican nominee Donald Trump on everything from his business practices, to taxes, to his treatment of women, minorities, and veterans.

The President has been passionately speaking in order to get people to the voting booth. On Thursday, he spent much of his time telling the crowd to vote early, something that Democrats have done very successfully in recent elections. In fact, in his own re-election in 2012, Obama won because of early voting — Romney actually outperformed him on election day.

Mrs. Clinton has been steadily increasing her lead over Donald Trump since the weeks prior to the first debate between the two, being aided by October surprises which have rocked the Trump campaign. Most pundits see Trump’s odds of winning the election as ever diminishing with some claiming that Clinton’s lead with less than 3 weeks left until the election as insurmountable. Indeed, on Thursday, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, perhaps the most respected predictor of elections, said that no other presidential candidate has come back from such a deficit.

Still, Trump has exhibited an unprecedented ability to come back from controversy and his many self-inflicted wounds. It would probably not be wise to count him out until every last vote has been counted and the election has been called.


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