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Ohio State University Attack: 5 Important Facts You Need to Know

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Ohio State University Shooting: 5 Important Facts You Need to Know - CitizenSlant
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An active shooter was reported on Ohio State University’s campus on Monday morning, with the suspect reportedly attacking several people sending at least eight to the hospital.

The incident was first reported by the Ohio State University Police through a 10 a.m. tweet:

“Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.”

Another tweet from campus police at 10:20 a.m. said:

“Buckeye Alert: Continue to shelter in place in north campus area. Follow directions of Police on scene.”

Here are five important facts that you need to know:

1. Early reports said that there were nine people who had been injured. A witness said that “a fire alarm was pulled, people cleared Watts Hall, then a car came along and started hitting those who evacuated.” According to the Columbus Dispatch, citing law enforcement sources, at about 9:40 a.m. a car rammed Watts Hall, and at least two people got out of the car. One person had a gun and the other had a “large knife.”

“This car just swerved and ran into a whole group of people,” said another witness, Nicole Kreinbrink who was positioned down the street when she saw the car hit people.

Initial reports also came in that of the nine injured, eight were in stable condition while one was in critical condition. According to one reporter, six trauma surgeons had been requested at the school’s Weiner Medical Center.

2. Even though there were gunshots heard, reports are that the victims were stabbed by a knife. OSU student Jacob Bower, 20, speaking to CNN said that he saw a man pull a knife outside between the Koffolt Laboratories and Watts Hall.

“He pulled a large knife and started chasing people around, trying to attack them,” Bower said. He said that it appeared to be a large kitchen knife.

OSU’s president, speaking to CNN said that the suspect’s car ran into a group of pedestrians, resulting in several injuries. The driver then exited the vehicle and “used a weapon to cut several people, who were then transported to local hospitals.”

3. The suspect was shot dead by police. According to Bower:

“Luckily there were so many people, he couldn’t focus on one target. I didn’t see anyone get stabbed, but I saw the police officer take down the stabber. He waited till everyone was clear, and the stabber clearly wasn’t stopping. (It) took three shots to take him down. (The) stabber had a crazy look in his eyes.”

Bower also said that “[the suspect] was completely silent, which was very creepy; not even when he was shot (by police). The cop that subdued the guy with the knife saved so many lives today.”

While the incident was reported as an active shooter, it is likely that the shots heard were those of the police trying to stop the attacker, and not shots fired by the attacker himself.

Later reports have emerged regarding the identity of the attacker saying that he was an 18 year old student who was a Somali refugee and legal permanent U.S. resident. According to the CNN, the suspect’s name is Abdul Rezak Ali Artan.

SITE Intelligence Group head analyst Rita Katz reports that the attack is consistent with recent Islamic State propaganda:

NBA star LeBron James immediately tweeted his prayers and asked everyone to find safety.

4. One of the victims appears to be a professor who was slashed in the leg by a machete.

5. Apparently, the knife-wielding suspect was not acting alone as noted by the above witness accounts. Also, NBC Columbus reporter Matt Barnes tweeted that two people have been “escorted out of garage in handcuffs and put into SWAT vehicle.”

The school was on lockdown for around two hours following the shooting. All classes were later canceled by school authorities, though the lockdown has been lifted.

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