WATCH: Omarosa Has a Complete Meltdown When Asked about Birtherism

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes confronted Donald Trump surrogate and former ‘Apprentice’ star, Omarosa, over the many unanswered questions regarding the Republican nominee’s sudden reversal on an issue which he has led for over five years, birtherism.

As many have pointed out, nothing new has come to light since 2011 that could serve as a basis for Trump’s change of heart on the subject. As Hayes pointed out that Trump has yet to answer exactly when he stopped being a birther and what event caused it, Omarosa’s response was a complete meltdown:

Omarosa said that Trump had put the birther issue “to bed,” at which point, Hayes came back and said “He spent five years talking about the president not being an American.”

Omarosa then attempted to change the subject by saying “We have young black men being killed in this country, we have people rioting in the streets of Charlotte, and you want to start with birther? Shame on you.”

Stunningly, Omarosa referred to questions regarding Trump and the birther issue as “conspiracy theories that you all are floating around.” Hayes was forced to remind her that it was Trump who was the leader of the conspiracy theory of birtherism.

Without dispute, Trump has been the leader of the birther movement since 2011, demanding that President Obama produce his long form birth certificate as the short form which was already produced was not sufficient. Trump was famously the subject of a number of President Obama’s jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011.

Trump continued to challenge the authenticity of the president’s birth certificate as a fraud, in part because he had also conditioned the release of his own tax returns on the president producing his long form certificate.


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