‘Carter Page Is Chump Change’: Ex CIA Officer Predicts Indictment of ‘Someone Higher on the Food Chain’

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Phil Mudd - CitizneSlant

Speaking on ‘Overtime,’ the on-line segment of HBO’s ‘Real Time,’ Former CIA officer Phil Mudd said that former Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page is just getting the bulk of the media attention, while federal investigators are working on other Trump transition team members, in order to obtain ammunition against their bosses.

Bill Maher asked Mudd “What do you think will come of the investigation into Trump campaign adviser Carter Page and his ties to Russia, and I might add Michael Flynn?”

“Look, the reason Carter Page is being featured is because he’s prominent in the press, not because he’s the most prominent target of the FBI,” Mudd responded. “I think there will eventually be an indictment. Somebody going to be indicted, I don’t know if it’s going to be Carter Page — I think he’s chump change, I think it’s someone higher up.”

Mudd went on to explain that FBI investigators will use the “intercepts” of Trump transition members and Russian officials, in order to get those Trump officials to “flip” and divulge what they know in order to avoid a federal prosecution and almost certain jail time.

“They’ve got to have a significant amount of intercepts, that is communications with the Russians that led them down this path,” Mudd said. “Then you are going to get people who are going to flip because you’re going to walk in and say, ‘Son, you either get a federal charge or you’re going to talk.’ That person is going to go home to their wife and kids and say ‘I don’t want three hots and a cot in the federal pen. I’ll talk.'”

Mudd predicted that, especially in light of the Hillary Clinton investigation where the FBI recommended no charges after spending months of time and resources, there will be indictments in the Trump Russia probe. The question really is how high up the “food chain” they will be and whether they will ultimately, in some fashion, reach Trump or Pence.

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