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Passengers on Southwest Flight Erupt into Full Brawl

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Southwest Airlines brawl - CitizenSlant

A Southwest flight on Sunday was the scene of a fight between two passengers, in what is the latest in a series of chaotic and violent scenes involving the nation’s airlines which has been captured on video.

The fight broke out between two passengers as passengers were deplaning a Southwest flight from Dallas to Burbank, California’s Bob Hope Airport on Sunday night.

One of the passengers reportedly accused the woman who was seated behind him of “messing with his chair.” He then sucker-punched the male passenger who was flying with her. The instigator of the fight was identified as 37 year old Chaze Mickalo Cable.

Video which was posted online showed the fight that followed the initial exchange. A flight attendant attempted to stop the two men, but she lost her balance and fell underneath the two men as they stumbled into a row of seats.

A women who was a passenger on the flight can be hears screaming “What’s wrong with you? Get off!”

Cable was arrested by local police on charges of battery. The other passenger suffered a contusion, small cuts, a swollen eye, and a broken tooth.

“We’re grateful to our employees who quickly reacted to break up a fight involving three customers,” Southwest said through a spokesperson. “Our employees are our everyday heroes and are trained to de-escalate conflict while delivering heartfelt hospitality.”

On Monday, a separate incident went viral on social media as a brawl broke out in Ft. Lauderdale airport between passengers and airline employees after Spirit Airlines canceled eleven flights and delayed a number of others. The airline blamed the delays and cancellations on a dispute it is having with the pilots’ union, something that the union flatly denied.

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