‘This Man Who Is the Head of Our Country Is a Pathological Liar’: Rob Reiner Slams Trump over Flynn

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Rob Reiner - CitizenSlant

Famed movie director and political activist Rob Reiner unleashed on President Trump for attempting to shift blame for the Michael Flynn debacle on former President Obama.

Appearing on MSNBC’s ‘AM Joy,’ Reiner blasted Trump and his team, who are essentially enablers in a presidency that has been marred by a stream of demonstrable lies.

“The truth ultimately will come out. It may take a while and it is a confusing story, but let’s make no mistake about it, this man who is the head of our country is a pathological liar and everybody around him is lying. There’s no way to other way to look at this thing.”

“Not only did we know about Michael Flynn, there were a number of articles, there was a letter written by the House Oversight Committee,” he continued, adding “It was well-known what Michael Flynn was doing, he was fired by Barack Obama, so that is clear.”

“The one thing that they have been successful at so far is obfuscating the biggest single story that is permeating this country right now, and that is the invasion of a foreign power, a hostile foreign power into our democracy,” Reiner said. “And the Michael Flynn story, aside from the fact that he was taking money from Turkey, from Russia, from places and clearly that’s a criminal behavior, the main part of the story, and something that we haven’t even talked about is: why? Why with the White House knowing full well that this is who he was, they still appointed him National Security Adviser?”

“And that goes to the story of  why Sally Yates has been kicked off the stage,” he added. “She’ll now come back on she overheard Michael Flynn talking to Russian ambassador Kislyak about getting rid of the sanctions.”

“That’s the story.and that’s where we have to start thinking about the undermining of our democracy,” Reiner ended.

What is currently visible on the Flynn scandal, by many accounts, is only the tip of the iceberg of not only the Flynn issue, but more importantly the Russian meddling investigation and any ties that the Trump campaign had to Russian officials.

Watch the clip of Reiner and the ‘AM Joy’ panel discussion on the matter here:

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