WATCH: Pauly Shore Hits Stephen Miller’s Revisionism with Wild Press Room Parody

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Longtime comedian Pauly Shore blasted Stephen Miller’s revisionism during an explosive press briefing last week through a hilarious parody.

The comedian roasted an exchange that Miller had with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta which included debate over the poem on the Statue of Liberty.

Shore used the footage of the CNN reporter asking Miller questions about the RAISE Act, the new legislation being proposed by two Republican senators and backed by the President.

“The poem you’re referring to isn’t actually part of the original Statue of Liberty, it was added later. And the whole reason why we put the Statue of Liberty here was to show the rest of the world, here in America, we’ve got some beautiful babes,” Shore said mocking Stephen Miller’s performance from behind the press room podium. He then continued by giving Acosta a history lesson about the Statue of Liberty, weaving in plots from science fiction movies.

“And another thing you might not know is that she’s not holding a book, she’s holding an iPad,” the comedian added.

“In the year 2000, did you know a mutant known as Wolverine scaled the Statue of Liberty in a climactic showdown with Sabretooth?” Shore asked, referring to an “X-Men” comic character, as he attempted to give Acosta a lesson in Lady Liberty ‘history.’

“In the f—ing 1980s when the ‘Ghostbusters’ brought the Lady Liberty to life with the power of ectoplasm, was that violating, in your opinion, Jim Acosta, the Statue of Liberty’s law of the land?” Shore continued.

“How about when she disappeared at the hands of David Copperfield?” Shore referenced a magic trick where the famed magician made the statue disappear. “Look at me directly in my forehead, and tell me I’m not lying,” he added.

And when the reporter questioned the requirement that legal immigrants speak English before being allowed into the U.S., Shore responded: “They already know English Jim. Like it or not, guys, the apes are here. Ok, they speak our language, and they’ve left the Statue of Liberty to rot in ruin,” referring to the Planet of the Apes.

Shore concluded by making fun of how Miller attempted to patch things up with Acosta during the actual press briefing. “I’m sorry things got a little heated here between me and Jim. It is just a little bromance. Nothing to write home about,” he ended.

Watch the clip below:

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