Recent Poll Shows How the Public Really Feels About Clinton

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clinton poll - citizen slant

According to a New York Times/CBS poll, an increasing number of voters are saying that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted. The former Secretary of State and Democratic Party Presumptive Nominee will now have to face an electorate in which 67% of voters believe she is untrustworthy and dishonest.

Her 6% hold over Donald Trump found in a CBS News poll last month has disappeared, with her and her Republican opponent now neck and neck at 40%.

This all comes after the FBI recommended no charges be filed against Clinton regarding her use of her personal email server during the crisis in Benghazi. He rebuked her course of action, calling it “careless,” which in turn has ignited a wave of backlash from critics.

In a lengthy statement, Comey said among other things that the FBI found at least 110 emails containing classified information that were sent. Clinton has alleged several times that she never received or sent classified information on her server.

Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has been especially vocal about the decision. Fox News reports that in a letter to Clapper, Ryan said he wants Clinton prohibited from receiving classified information “for the duration of her candidacy for president.”

“There is no legal requirement for you to provide Secretary Clinton with classified information, and it would send the wrong signal to all those charged with safeguarding our nation’s secrets if you choose to provide her access to this information despite the FBI’s findings,” Ryan wrote.

More voters do view Clinton as prepared, with 50% saying so compared to just 30% for Trump. Even so, Clinton’s perceived preparedness has taken a 9 point hit.

Additionally, only 28% of voters view Clinton favorably, down from 33%. When asked if her use of a private server was illegal, 46% said yes compared to 23% who said that it was improper but not illegal.

Clinton’s campaign has made shifted part of it’s focus to lifting the economic fortunes of the middle class. Yet, voters actually believe Trump to be more capable of handling the economy, with 52% of those surveyed saying so compared to just 41% for Clinton.

One positive figure for Mrs. Clinton is that she is leading in race relations, with an overwhelming 60% saying she could handle them better, compared to just 29% for Trump. With 62% of voters saying that race relations are getting worse in light of recent shootings, this figure could prove significant for her.

The nationwide poll was conducted July 8 to 12 on cellphones and landlines among 1,358 registered voters. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points for all voters.

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