ABC Poll Uncovers the Truth About Presidential Candidates & the Minority Vote

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Nevada is the most diverse battleground state. On paper, it should be secure for Democrats. But there are enough people like Wheeler, still rattled by the recession and frustrated about other things, to make it one of Trump's best swing states - citizen slant
Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a campaign rally at the ​Ziegler Building at the Washington County Fair Park & Conference Center in West Bend, Wisconsin August 16, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Thayer/File Photo

An ABC/SSRS poll asked respondents, “Which candidate would do more to help minority communities?” Despite recent campaign efforts, the response will shock you.

Although Donald Trump has increased his campaign efforts and backtracked on previous statements in an effort to gain the minority vote, it seems that poll respondents overwhelmingly believe Clinton will do more to help minority communities.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spent much of his campaign pandering for the white working class vote. While that may have been effective in helping him to gain momentum, many sources have pointed to the fact that it will not be enough to push him through to the presidency.

As Mr. Trump and his campaign staff recognized this, they immediately tried to overhaul the campaign. However, the efforts have been largely unsuccessful. Poised to receive more than half of the Black vote, Clinton stands to far surpass Trump in this arena partially because of the fact that she has not spent the majority of her campaign time pandering to one group of people.

That isn’t to say Clinton is a saint of a candidate, however. Many have been critical of Clinton’s rocky history with race, including her infamous “super predators” comment. While Trump has attempted to shift attention back to this comment, it seems that his several blunders as of late have taken center stage instead.

As recently as Friday, Trump exploited the death of Dwayne Wade’s cousin in Chicago, a mother of four that was not the intended target of a bullet in Chicago, to try to lobby for the Black vote.

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