New Polls in Key Battleground States Contain Important Message for Candidates

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New polls released on Sunday in some key battleground states continue to demonstrate a steady pattern in the presidential election race, both nationally and in swing states.

The polls which were conducted in Florida and New Hampshire show Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump widening. Most importantly, Florida became the latest battleground state to show a lead outside of the margin of error.

In the CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll, Clinton’s lead in Florida increased to 5 points, 45 percent to 40 percent. The same poll in June showed Donald Trump leading by 3 percentage points in the state.

While the poll found that a majority of Florida voters believe that the Republican nominee does not have good judgment or temperament, they still believe that he is the best candidate to “bring change.” Only 37 percent believed that Clinton would be a change maker. This statistic makes sense considering the fact that Mr. Trump is in the midst of his initial political campaign and Hillary Clinton has either directly or in conjunction with her husband been involved with political campaigns going on forty years.

In a category which is one of the most important indicators of how voters make decisions, only 29 percent of Floridians who plan on voting in November feel that Trump has good judgment or temperament and 7`1 percent said that he does not.

Also, a solid majority of Florida voters — 54 percent — believe that Trump’s controversial comments are “irresponsible.” Significantly, and directly contrary to the claims made by Trump and his surrogates, only 21 percent think that Trump is just joking and that his remarks are being blown out of proportion.

In the same poll, Trump is losing to Clinton by 9 points with 36 percent of voters supporting him and 45 percent supporting Clinton. Mrs. Clinton enjoys a large lead among women where she is leading 51 percent to Trump’s 29.

These latest poll results are part of a steady pattern of Trump’s popularity plummeting. Trump needs to win Florida and most probably also New Hampshire if he is to have any hope of winning the White House.

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