Pro-Trump Petition to British Parliament Contained Fraudulent Signatures

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British lawmaker Paul Flynn, who was tasked with introducing two Trump-related petitions in a session of the House of Commons on Monday, pointed out a very interesting fact about one of them.

Flynn began what became a three hour long debate by introducing the subject of the debate, two petition related to whether Donald Trump would be allowed to address the U.K. parliament during a state visit later this year.

One petition, which Flynn noted had been signed by more people than any other before the parliament — 573,971 — was for banning the American President from speaking. The second, which had significantly fewer signatures — 42,898 — was one which was against banning Trump.

However, that number grew substantially smaller after Flynn’s next revelation. The House member noted that some 30,000 of the signatures on the second petition were from the same source — meaning that they were done by the same person or group of people — and therefore, had been disqualified.

The revelation was particularly relevant in light of Trump’s frequent protestations regarding voting fraud in the United States being the reason that he lost the national popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

Later during the same hearing, the Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow spoke strongly against the President addressing Parliament, and suggested that Prime Minister Theresa May should reconsider her invitation to Trump for a state visit later in the year.

The comments by Bercow are unprecedented as the Speaker of the House of Commons is supposed to be nonpartisan with his role being to maintain order within the body.

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