As Protesters Filled U.S. Airports, Ivanka Trump Showcases Disconnect

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ivanka trump - citizen slant
Photo: Twitter

Ivanka Trump came under fire on Saturday night when she showcased the ultimate level of disconnect: the first daughter posted a photo of herself ready for a night out on the town, while protesters flooded airports across the nation in protest of her father’s Muslim ban and support of those detained as a result.

Following her undoubtedly tone-deaf post, Ivanka was accused of acting like Marie Antoinette — effectively ignoring the fact that the public was turning out in very high numbers to protest the detention of legal green card holders at airports from LAX to JFK.

Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign, Ivanka positioned herself as the voice for all things motherhood. However, she has been curiously silent as Syrian refugee women and their children have been banned from entering the United States under her father’s executive order.

Even more troubling is the fact that Ivanka is the one that the Trump family claims has some sort of a social conscience. As she is effectively serving as “First Lady,” namely in light of Melania Trump’s absence, it is only right that the American public be outraged at both her silence and unapologetic flashiness in light of such dark times for many American citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents, as well as their families.

Users on Twitter were surely quick to call Ivanka’s post for what it truly was.

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