Key Race for Control of Senate Majority is Statistical Dead Heat

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Key Race for Control of Senate Majority is Statistical Dead Heat - Citizen Slant

One of the races that could help determine who will hold the majority in the U.S. Senate is in Missouri where incumbent Republican Sen. Roy Blunt has a one point advantage over his Democratic challenger Jason Kander.

According to a brand new Monmouth University poll, Blunt leads Kander, Missouri’s Secretary of State, by a single point 47 to 46, with Libertarian candidate Jonathan Dine capturing 2 percent of the vote.

The same poll showed Blunt leading his Democratic rival by a margin of 46 to 44 in the beginning of the month, the last time Monmouth did a poll of the race.

The Monmouth poll surveyed 405 likely Missouri voters by live telephone interview from October 28 through 31, meaning that it also includes any initial effects that FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress regarding newly discovered emails that may relate to Hillary Clinton’s private email server may be having on the race. Although it is a weekend poll which typically is less reliable than those that include weekdays.

Earlier this month Kander started running a new ad aimed at 2nd Amendment voters, a sizable voting block in Missouri. In the ad, Kander puts together his dismantled rifle blindfolded while talking about his experience in the army, fighting in Afghanistan, and state legislature supporting 2nd Amendment rights, and also speaks about his positions on gun control aimed at keeping dangerous assault rifles out of the hands of terrorists. He concludes by saying “I approve this message cause I want Senator Blunt to do this,” referring to assembling a rifle.

The ad has received national attention as it appears to be a very effective way of conveying a gun control message. Whether it is an effective way of winning voters will likely not be known until the very last votes are counted on Tuesday as this race remains a statistical dead heat.


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