The RAISE Act: More Trump Bluster With Little Chance of Turning into Action

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As President Trump’s job approval ratings continue to plummet, he is clearly desperately trying to keep his base, the latest attempt, the RAISE Act.

While talk of protectionism and isolationism clearly play well in front of his supporters, his latest pronouncement is yet more evidence of his absolute incompetence. As much as he wishes to hold up shiny objects in front of the hard right, at some point, even they will require more than just talk.

The RAISE Act, introduced seemingly out of the blue, and without the support of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, goes against the immigration priorities of the United States going back decades. Aside from being un-American, it is largely being sold as a job creation measure based on theories that have long been debunked. Limiting immigration — particularly based on the RAISE Act’s criteria — is most definitely not going to have a positive effect on job creation. To the contrary, in all likelihood, it will act to depress the economy.

Still, President Trump once again stood before the nation and demonstrated his utter ignorance on yet another subject. “This competitive application process will favor applicants who speak English, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that contribute to our economy.”

He was supported by two equally uninformed Senators on the matter, Arkansas’ Tom Cotton and Georgia’s David Perdue. “For some people, they may think that [America’s traditional immigration system] is a symbol of America’s virtue and generosity. I think it’s a symbol that we’re not committed to working-class Americans. And we need to change that,” Cotton added.

But most important for Trump is not the substance of the proposed legislation — which he surely knows virtually nothing about — but the fact that it will be yet another legislative failure at a time when he desperately needs a win. The Act is the virtual antithesis of the 2013 measure introduced by the Gang of Eight — including Republicans John McCain, Linddsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Jeff Flake. Even if Leader McConnell allows a vote on it, it is in all likelihood going to go down in flames.

At some point, Trump voters are going to demand more than just words. With an administration which has done little to continue the economic growth which it inherited, time is running out on Trump.

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