The Reason Trump Now Thinks Lester Holt Will Be Fair

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claimed that while he thought Lester Holt will be a fair moderator, he was harboring some doubts cause Holt is a Democrat.

Discussion of who should or should not be moderator of the presidential debate has received unprecedented attention in large part because of Donald Trump. Trump, himself, treats everything as a boxing or professional wrestling event thinking that this is what gets ratings. That is all that Trump is doing. Others — critics and supporters alike — call him a genius for knowing how to manipulate the press and the population.

Donald Trump is not a genius, nor is he consciously trying to divert attention from his ignorance through misdirection. Trump is merely trying to make a spectacle of anything that involves him. There is nothing more to it — that’s all — there is no wizard behind the curtain. That is what Trump does and that is all that Trump does.

So, after praising Lester Holt, he then placed doubt about Holt, just to have a way to wiggle out if things go wrong or to claim a bigger victory if they don’t.

Of course, since Donald Trump simply makes up things as he goes along, much of the time, his reasoning for taking any position will commonly turn out to be wrong.

And this is one of the many times that his made up reason turns out to be wrong. As it turns out, Lester Holt is not a Democrat — he is a registered Republican. So, Trump’s stated reason for having doubt about Holt’s fairness ends up being a falsity. Therefore, Trump now says that Holt will be fair.

Rest assured that Trump will manufacture a new reason to doubt the process before the debate begins. That is how a boxing promoter makes a spectacle of a boxing match.


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