3 Reasons Trump’s Response Proves that Robert Gates is Right

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Donald Trump took to Twitter again early Saturday morning, in the latest comment in a series over the past 24 hours that seem to indicate that his handlers have once again lost control of him.

He responded to Robert Gates, the defense secretary under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who wrote a scathing opinion in the Wall Street Journal calling Trump “beyond repair,” a comment which perfectly described what he laid out in detail about Trump.

In response, Trump tweeted, “I never met former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. He knows nothing about me. But look at the results under his guidance – a total disaster.”

Once again, in 140 characters, Trump managed to say a lot — that he likely did not mean — and prove that he is what Gates says, beyond repair. With some regularity, Trump and his supporters seek to delegitimize a critic by claiming that Trump “never met [the critic].” And that the critic “knows nothing about [Trump].”

Some of the time, the claim is simply false — as in the case of David Duke (in that case, they were favorable comments from an unfavorable source). Other times, while true, they add nothing to the conversation.

First, Donald Trump — perhaps more than any in our time — has made every effort to create publicity and news around himself. From the days of ‘John Miller’ and before, more than anything else, what Trump has sought to do has been to create press around himself. And he has done so with extreme care to create and protect a ‘brand,’ meaning, make an image about himself that is precisely what he wants.

Simply, stated, Trump’s public image is the very best that Donald Trump could be in real life. That is the reason that he has been able to make money by putting his name on various business endeavors. In all likelihood, it goes downhill from there. Therefore, while it is true that many people have not met Donald Trump, it is false that they know nothing about Donald Trump. In fact, they know plenty, and by design, they know the best that Donald Trump could be.

Second, 999 out of 1000 voters who vote for Trump — and the same proportion who vote against him — fall into the very category that he places Robert Gates. They will not have known him before making a decision about whether he should be president. If this logic had any validity, Trump’s supporters would have no right to speak favorably about him because 999 out of 1000 of them do not know Donald Trump personally. It is time to dispose of this ludicrous standard. We all have plenty to judge Donald Trump and ultimately, on November 8th, we all will having never met him.

Third, while Trump believes that the fact that Gates has not met him means that he knows nothing about him, in the very next sentence, he judges Gates and declares him to be a “total disaster” — a sentiment he echoes virtually universally for anyone who criticizes him for any reason. And therein, Trump conveys one of the fundamental themes of his candidacy, hypocricy.


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