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Red Cross Asks Italians Take Surprising Action to Aid Earthquake Relief

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Croce Rossa Italiana

Following the devastating earthquake in Italy, the Red Cross has requested that Italians take one surprising action to aid earthquake relief efforts.

While rescue and recovery efforts continue, the Red Cross has requested that Italians remove wifi passwords and make their networks open to all.

In the wake of natural disaster, the use of cell phones or other communication technologies can be limited. It is possible that some wifi networks may still be working and, if so, can provide communication for those who have been left without. If so, these open wifi networks can help people communicate and possibly locate survivors.

According to Slate, the Red Cross image reads,

Get access to the Internet by typing the [router’s LAN address] into your browser. Enter your username and current password that you find in the instructions or on the device. Log in and go to “options.” Remove the protections by selecting Network “Free/unsecure.” Perform a router reset by holding down the power button for 10 seconds.

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