‘Rigged’ Media Reporters Kicked Back with Trump Campaign Officials in Shocking Place

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trump campaign - citizen slant
Christopher Dolan / The Citizens’ Voice via AP

According to the New York Post, members of the so-called biasedrigged mainstream media kicked back with some senior Trump campaign officials at a surprising location.

A Las Vegas strip club.

Page Six reportedly talked to a “media insider,” that claims that reports and Trump staffers, the day before the first presidential debate, made a trip to the Sapphire Last Vegas.  Furthermore, the “insider,” claims that reporters included CNN producer Noah Gray, NBC News reporter Anthony Terrell and a camerman from ABC. They were allegedly accompanied by Trump’s senior communications advisor, Jason Miller, and two women from the Trump campaign — Jessica Ditto, deputy communications director, and A.J. Delgado, one of Donald Trump’s advisors.

Jezebel is currently looking to speak with any dancers at Sapphire that may have encountered or interacted with any of the aforementioned people. You can e-mail them here with any information that you may have.

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