The Takeaway from Salt Lake Tribune’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

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On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton added yet another unlikely endorsement to her list. The Salt Lake Tribune, in a state that typically votes for the Republican presidential candidate by one of the widest margins anywhere in the country, endorsed her.

The publication was very matter of fact about the endorsement, beginning simply by stating that early voting was about to begin in Utah, and it was time to make a choice.

Acknowledging that this year’s front runners are among the most unpopular in modern history, the paper also admitted that “the only candidate who comes close to being qualified and fit for the post is Hillary Clinton.”

It noted Clinton’s simultaneous toughness and willingness to reach out to her colleagues to her left and to her right in order to move the nation forward, pointing to her significant record of resilience and ability to obtain consensus, particularly when she managed to extend health insurance to millions of children.

The Tribune reminds its readers of Clinton’s lifelong commitment to children and public serveice:

“Clinton’s devotion to making the world a better place for the less fortunate, especially children, has been the core of her whole career. She sees the threats of terror abroad, gun violence at home and climate change globally and has plans to address all of that, and more.

She recognizes the unfairness of those who lack access to health care and those at the short end of extreme economic inequality. She would make tax policy more equitable and work to help the poor climb out of their misery.”

It also makes a very important observation when it acknowledges concerns and flaws about Clinton. “There would be with anyone who has danced in the minefield of public life for 40 years.”

The Tribune is also quite perceptive about Trump’s campaign noting that while it started with “some good intentions,” it has become obvious that

“his entire campaign was based on divisive, bigoted and insulting rhetoric. On lies about how bad things are. On a promise to fix things by basically being a dictator. It was all designed to inflame a vocal minority of us who haven’t adjusted to the fact that the America where white males brought home the bacon from secure factory jobs — and didn’t have to deal with a globe of different ethnic backgrounds is gone for good.”

The Salt Lake Tribune concludes “Utah Republicans were perceptive enough to reject Trump in their March presidential caucus voting,” the editorial Were they to support Clinton now, even by the narrowest of pluralities, it would send a strong message to the Republican Party to turn their backs on Trumpism and to work with Clinton where they can, rather than devote themselves to blocking her every move.”

While newspaper endorsement do not have the force they may have had decades ago, the flood of conservative endorsements likely is at least a reflection and confirmation of how the voters may be feeling.

Specific to Utah, the Tribune is just the latest shoe to drop. Aside from the fact that Trump did not start out as the most popular Republican — based on his performance in the primary — in the past week, legislators and religious leaders have sought to distance themselves from Donald Trump. This is in addition to the strong opposition of Mitt Romney, who remains very popular in Utah, to Trump.

Even The Desert News, which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, called for Trump to resign in an editorial published over the weekend.

A poll released today showed that Utah is very much in play for the presidential election, a very bad sign for Trump, who cannot win the election if he loses even one ‘ruby red’ state like Utah.


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