Sarah Silverman has no Place at the Democratic Convention

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Sarah Silverman has been a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter from very early on in his campaign. And as Hillary Clinton became the presumptive nominee, Silverman switched her support in order to support the eventual Democratic nominee. 

Silverman has found her way into the political stage perhaps because she donates substantial sums or perhaps because she finds her way into various fundraisers that occur in and around Hollywood and L.A.

However, over time, she has proven that not only does she have little to contribute to the political debate – or any debate for that matter – but she neither has the temperament or the knowledge to do anything but be a point of unnecessary and unreasonable divisiveness.

Silverman displays on the liberal/democratic side much the same behavior that those on the republicans who liberals mock – unreasonable, less educated, voters on the republican side who simply yell out single buzzwords or who cannot get past one sentence of information about any given issue.

That lack of ability to reason or float anywhere but on the surface of any issue was on full display on Monday. For reasons that are at this point, beyond explanation, Silverman was asked to address the convention – she should not have been, just because of everything she has been, as she should not be in any public forum.

Silverman appeared alongside Senator Al Franken on Monday at the Democratic National Convention. And by the time she was done, she proved again that she should not have been asked. The only thing memorable about her appearance was when she, true to form, said,

“Can I say to the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous.”

And there, the Donald Trump of our party spoke.

#ImWithHer and I want all Bernie Sanders supporters, including Bernie or bust supporters, to join us in supporting Hillary Clinton, and work with Bernie Sanders to continue the political revolution that has begun and I hope will continue in full force.

At the same time I understand that many Bernie supporters are independents or otherwise would be voting libertarian or for the Green Party or perhaps even republican were it not for Bernie Sanders’ message. I understand that while many are diehard democrats, progressives, and liberals, many have followed Bernie into the Democratic Party tent because of the political revolution.

Unlike Sarah Silverman, I would never disrespect these people who have worked so hard and engaged so deeply in the democratic process by calling them ridiculous. To be sure, they are not. I want them to join the democratic platform and help make it better, as they already have.

Sarah Silverman did not belong on that stage and her message has no place in the Democratic National Convention, particularly to the extent it was directed at any Bernie Sanders supporters.


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