‘Saturday Night Live’ Goes ‘Unpresidented,’ and then Mocks Trump Putin Relationship

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'SNL' Donald Trump - CitizenSlant

Alec Baldwin’s President-elect Donald Trump was back on ‘Saturday Night Live’ again as he received a surprise visit from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The show begins with Baldwin’s Trump having a meeting with Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway with the President-elect not so motivated to talk business because “it’s almost Christmas.”

The two start going over Cabinet picks after Trump reminisces about his recently completed “Thank You Tour.”

As Conway mentions Texas Governor Rick Perry as a “great” choice for Energy Secretary, Trump responds, “I saw him on Dancing with the Stars. This guy has so much energy. He’s just unpresidented,” taking a shot at the real President-elect for his use of the term in a tweet. He was referring to China’s seizure of an unmanned U.S. Navy vessel. The tweet was later deleted and replaced with one that used the term ‘unprecedented’ instead of ‘unpresidented.’

“Now, all I have to do is pick who will be president,” he adds.

Putin, played by Beck Bennett, came down the chimney at Trump Tower bearing gifts.

“Mr. Trump, I’m here because your CIA is saying we Russians tried to make you win election,” Beck’s Putin says in the show’s cold open. “All lies, made up by some very bitter people who need to move on,” Baldwin’s Trump responds.

So, you trust me more than American CIA?” Putin asks. “All I know is I won,” Trump replies. “This guy is blowing my mind,” says Putin, who goes on to say that the Russian people are happy Trump won because he was the “best candidate, the smartest, the ‘Manchurian candidate.'”

“I don’t know what that means, but it sounds tremendous,” Trump replies. Putin then gives Trump a gift — an “Elf on the Shelf,” which he says that Trump should keep next to his internet router all year. And when Trump says that he doesn’t have a gift for Putin, Beck replies, “Mr. Trump, you are the gift.”


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Vic at

For 8 shite years SNL and the media have had kit gloves for Obama, any skit had Obama as some intellectual chastising some Republican. Never once did they actually make fun of the thin skinned stooge. SNL used to be apolitical poking fun at all but now they show their true colors. Trump Isn’t even President yet.

A pathetic left wing presentation like Comedy Central. How long will they keep it up after Trump finally gets the economy going again after the failed presidency of Obama? The Left will never admit they were utter failures at governing but the people know and that despite all the media protection of criminal Clinton is why they lost.
P.S. The reason Clinton and the Democratic machine did not demand a recount is because it would expose all the voter fraud they worked so hard to produce. Look no further than Detroit but you could look back to a few scattered reports of 2012 when Obama against all scientific probability won 100% of Philadelphia precincts, he even won more than 100% in a few including Ohio.

Fraud defines the Democratic machine.

Rob Miller at

SNL’s respect for our democracy and their addiction to fake news just slays me – not.

As an aside, Julian Assange has stated several times (and he has no reason to lie) that Russia was NOT the source of those Wikileaks e-mails; Putin has publicly told Obama to either provide proof of this ridiculous accusation or STFU; and various polls reveal that almost two thirds of the American people could care less, since it didn’t affect their votes.

Keep underestimating Donald Trump and seeing him and his voters as mindless buffoons. Just watch what happens after January 20th.


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