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School District Issues Statement Following Death of Philando Castile

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Philando Castile - citizen slant

Saint Paul Public Schools issued a statement on Thursday following the death of former Saint Paul Public Schools student and current employee, Philando Castile.

In the statement, Castile is described as being a “smart, over qualified… quiet, respectful, and kind” person. He is also described as being “warm and funny” with a “cheerful disposition.”

Throughout the statement, the district shares stories that seem to give us all a good idea of who Philando Castile really was.

One coworker said that,

“[Philando] wore a shirt and tie to his supervisor interview and said his goal was to one day ‘sit on the other side of this table,’”

showing that, Castile was also ambitious and goal-oriented. Unfortunately, Castile will never get the opportunity to “sit on the other side of [that] table.”

Castile was fatally shot to death by police during a routine traffic stop. He was complying with the officer’s orders and not resisting. His girlfriend, who was in the passengers seat, caught the entire event on Facebook livestream video. Her four-year-old daughter was in the backseat at the time.


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