Sean Spicer Hopes Coretta Scott King Would Support Sessions Today

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In 1986, Coretta Scott King spoke out against Jeff Sessions in a letter when he was nominated for a federal judgeship. After Sen. Elizabeth Warren read King’s letter on the senate floor, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that if King were alive today, he hopes she would support Sessions.

On Wednesday, Spicer said,

“I would respectfully disagree with her assessment of Senator Sessions then and now. I can only hope that if she was still with us today, that after getting to know him and to see his record and his commitment to voting and civil rights, that she would” regret her opposition.

In her letter, which directly opposed Sessions on the grounds of his undoubtedly racist past, King wrote that now-Sen. Sessions, “lacks the temperament, fairness, and judgement to be a federal judge.”

At the time of his 1986 nomination for a federal judgeship and most recently following his nomination for U.S. attorney general, there was major backlash as the result of many of Sessions’ comments and actions. Most famously, Sessions joked about supporting the KKK, saying that he supported them until he found out that they smoked marijuana. He also came under fire for referring to a black colleague as “boy,” and referred to the Voting Rights Act as being “intrusive.”

In a particularly offensive move on Wednesday night, Spicer called Mr. Sessions’ civil rights record, “outstanding.”

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