Senate Democrats Elevate Bernie Sanders as Outreach Chief

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On Tuesday, Senate Democrats voted Bernie Sanders into a position that will give him a platform from which he can push his ‘political revolution.’

The Vermont Independent will now be the chair of outreach for Senate Democrats in the next Congress, said newly elected Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer.

The position is a newly created one, representing half of the “Steering and Outreach Committee” now chaired by Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. He is going to be the first independent to hold a party leadership position since the modern leadership structure began in the early 20th Century, according to the Senate Historical Office.

Senator Sanders released a statement saying:

“Real change doesn’t take place on Capitol Hill. It takes place in grassroots America. It takes place when millions of working people, young people and senior citizens come together to demand that our government works for all of us and not just the 1 percent. When the people lead, the leaders follow.”

Sanders will also be the top ranking minority member of the Senate Budget Committee. He said that he will work to ensure the budget “represents the needs of working families and a shrinking middle class, not billionaires.”

While the former presidential candidate caucuses with Democrats, he has said that he will continue to serve his home state of Vermont as an independent because that is the capacity in which he was elected. At the same time, he said that support for his presidential primary campaign has earned him a role in reshaping the Democratic Party.

“In almost every instance, we got a strong majority of young people voting for the agenda that I brought forth,” he said. “My role in the future is to make certain that that agenda that has so much support becomes the agenda of the Democratic Party.”

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