WATCH: Seth Meyers Calls for Americans to Retire the Term ‘Fake News’

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Late Night host Seth Meyers said that he thinks “fake news” as a term is “busted,” and called for Americans to retire the term because of President-elect Donald Trump.

The President-elect recently used the term “fake news” at a press conference to refer to news outlet CNN and attack claims in a dossier that Russia has compromising information on him.

During his segment, Meyers explained,

“Today, Trump called these new reports ‘fake news,’ so despite an incredibly short run, I think it is time to retire that term, but now everyone is using it for everything.”

Meyers continued, saying that

“‘Fake news’ as a term is busted… It was like the first time you heard your dad say ‘fo shizzle’ and immediately thought, ‘Well, that’s over.’”

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CaptMorgan at

Could it be because those accusing others of propigating fake news have in fact been found out to be the perpetrators?

s at

the late show with Seth Meyers is fake entertainment.

Al at

Just as soon as the left ceases creating fake news, we’ll retire the term.


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