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What California Sheriff Laurie Smith Has to Say About the Brock Turner Ruling

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sheriff laurie smith - citizen slant
Photo: @kron4news

Early on Friday morning, reports began surfacing of what California Sheriff Laurie Smith really thinks about the ruling in the Brock Turner case.

Sheriff Smith openly made many candid statements about the case. She also informed the public that there are no valid, identifiable death threats, but “a lot of hate.”

Furthermore, the Sheriff called on California Governor Jerry Brown to make it clear that probation is not a sufficient sentence for sexual assault.

Turner’s release comes just a few days after California lawmakers passed a bill inspired by the ruling in the infamous Stanford rape case. In crafting the bill, lawmakers sought to close the loophole that allowed the ruling in the first place.

“Sexually assaulting an unconscious or intoxicated victim is a terrible crime and our laws need to reflect that,” Democratic Assemblyman Bill Dodd, a co-author of the legislation, said in a written statement following its passage.

Brock Turner was convicted of “assault with intent to commit rape, penetration of an intoxicated person and penetration of an unconscious person in the January 2015 attack.” However, under California law, those charges are not considered rape because rape is explicitly defined by the involvement of penile penetration.

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