‘If You Make a Mistake — Admit It’: Fox’s Shep Smith Thinks White House Should Learn from CNN

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Shepard Smith - CitizenSlant

Fox News host Shepard Smith expressed outrage at the White House press briefing conducted by Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday.

Smith pointed out that the White House seems to need a “foil” to fight back against — something that has frequently been said about Donald Trump — and it seems to have picked the press as that “foil.”

One issue which took up a significant portion of the briefing was a recent story which CNN retracted, issued an apology, and over which three CNN employees resigned. CNN explained that the story was published because its editorial process and guidelines were not followed.

Sanders, however, referenced the story in order to not only go after CNN, claiming that it knowingly published a false story, but to extrapolate the single event to make a statement about the media as a a whole.

“They said they ‘did not go through their procedures. It did not go through standards and practices, and it did not make through editorial checking. Afterward, three people were fired,” Smith said.

“This is what you want to have happen,” John Bussey, associate editor of the Wall Street Journal who was Smith’s guest on the show said. “You want a news organization where they got something that they did not go through the process properly. They retracted and made a public statement, ‘we made a mistake.'”

Smith agreed and said that, indeed, the manner in which CNN handled the issue was a perfect example of “how to do it” and what is “journalism 101.”

“You make a mistake, you admit it, and you take corrective action,” he added. “It is an, again, it’s made to bring a sense around the White House, limit inquiry. In fact, the CNN example is precisely what should have happened. They did it well.”

“Scaramucci accepted their apology. They did learn something from the scene and example. When they get something wrong, being forthright, saying we have something wrong.”

Watch the segment via Fox News below:

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