WATCH: Steve Schmidt Says Race Is Over, Time to Worry About a Bigger Problem

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Republican political strategist Steve Schmidt believes that the presidential race is over. But he has even more sobering news for the Republican Party.

Schmidt, who famously ran the John McCain presidential bid, also says that it is all but inevitable that Chuck Schumer will take the gavel from Mitch McConnell as the Senate Majority Leader as Democrats are going to take the majority in the Senate.

STEVE SCHMIDT: When we look at where this race is today, the presidential race is effectively over. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the 45th president of the United States. Chuck Schumer will be the majority leader of the United States Senate. And the only question that’s still up in the air, is how close the Democrats will come to retaking the House majority.

What this exposes though is much deeper, and goes to the Republican Party as an institution. This candidacy. The magnitude of its disgrace to the country is almost impossible, I think, to articulate. But it has exposed the intellectual rot in the Republican Party. It has exposed at a massive level the hypocrisy, the modern day money changers in the temple like Jerry Falwell Jr. And, so this party to go forward, and to represent a conservative vision for America, has great soul searching to do. And what we have seen in the — and the danger for all of these candidates — is over the course the last year, these candidates who have repeatedly put their party ahead of their country, denying what is so obviously clear to anybody who’s watching about his complete and total, manifest unfitness for this office.

What is left in terms of the numbers in the election is whether the Democrats can make up the 30 seat advantage that the Republicans have in the House.

Schmidt points out something that is not receiving enough attention as the Republican Party is in danger of appropriately being subject to an analogy that is currently being used to describe the Trump campaign — that of the Titanic.

More than three years ago, the Republican Party did an autopsy in order to figure out what it has to do in order to capture the American electorate and to increase its base and popularity. The Party has largely ignored the recommendations of that report. In fact, the person who commissioned the report, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, has now become one of the most ardent supporters of the Republican nominee and has staunchly stuck by him as party leaders, including Priebus’s close friend, the House Speaker, have distanced themselves.

By all measures, the Republican Party is having an existential moment. How it responds is going to determine the direction of American politics for decades to come.

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