Summer Zervos: 5 Important Facts You Need to Know About Trump’s Accuser

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Summer Zervos: 5 Important Facts You Need to Know About Trump's Accuser - Citizen Slant
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Donald Trump has been rocked by a daily barrage of accusers alleging that he acted in a sexually inappropriate way with them. Summer Zervos, a restaurant worker and former ‘The Apprentice’ contestant is one of the latest.

Zervos appeared at a press conference in Los Angeles alongside her lawyer, Gloria Allred who frequently represents sexual abuse victims. Allred claims that she has interviewed several people 2who Zervos has talked to about the incident at the time and who have all corroborated her account.

Here are five facts you need to know about Zervos and this latest sexual assault allegation:

1. Summer Zervos met Donald Trump when she was a contestant on the fifth season of ‘The Apprentice.’ That season was aired from February through June, 2006. She was the very first contestant to be fired that season. The reason was that she had not called enough restaurants for a promotion while she competed with the Gold Rush team.

Zervos is a California native, moving to New York in order to be on ‘The Apprentice.’ In her statement on Friday, Zervos said that she admired Trump before her time on the show, viewing him as a potential mentor. That opinion did not change even after she was fired from the show.

2. Ms. Zervos alleged that a year after her appearing on the show, she decided to contact Trump as she was going to be in New York and see if he would be available for lunch. She was told that he did not have time for lunch but could meet her at his office in Trump Tower.

Upon arriving at Trump’s office, Zervos related that Trump immediately kissed her on the lips without her consent. She claims that she was surprised, but thought that perhaps it was Trump’s way of greeting people.

She alleges that Trump stated that he would love to have her work for him and complimented her for being smart and attractive. Zervos claims that Trump kissed her on the lips a second time when she was leaving. She claims that she discussed the event with her parents and friends, and decided to not think of it as much more than an awkward greeting.

3. According to Zervos, Trump contacted her when she returned to California inviting her to meet him at the Beverly Hills hotel in order to discuss a job opportunity. He informed her that he was coming to Los Angeles and wanted to meet her for dinner.

When the two met, Zervos claims that Trump again greeted her by kissing her on the lips, this time very aggressively, and then placed his hand on her breast. She claims that she repeatedly resisted and asked him to stop. She even attempted to push him away but Trump would not stop and became more aggressive, thrusting his genitals at her.

She repeatedly avoided any sexual contact informing Trump that she was there solely to have dinner, which apparently, agitated Trump.

4. Zervos further related that “He started saying that he did not think I had ever known love or had ever been in love.” She claims that when dinner arrived at the bungalow where she met Trump, he had her wait in another room seemingly so that the waiter would not see her. He summoned her once the waiter had left the room.

As the pair sat for dinner, Trump allegedly started being all about business. Shortly after dinner, she left. While she attempted to follow up about the job, it became clear that Trump was no longer interested.

5. Zervos claims that the driving force that caused her to step forward with her allegations was the ‘Access Hollywood’ recording which was leaked last week throwing the Trump campaign into a downward spiral.

Gloria Allred claims that Zervos did not want to go public with her story until after the tape came out. “You do not have the right to treat women as sexual objects just because you are a star,” Zervos said.

Significantly, Zervos claims that she attempted to contact Trump earlier this year in order to confront him and seek and apology. However, Trump never responded to her.

For his part, Trump has categorically denied all of the allegations against him and has lashed out against all of the accusers, the media, and the Clintons, blaming them of coordinating the attacks in order to damage Trump’s chances in the upcoming presidential elections.


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